SEIU Local 73 Illustration

SEIU Local 73 asked us to create characters of their members and stylized lettering of their slogan, for their upcoming campaign, how do you think we did?
SEIU Local 73

Digital Illustration

Graphic Design

August 2023

SEIU Local 73 represents more than 35,000 workers in public service and publicly funded positions in school districts, municipalities, social service agencies in Illinois and Indiana. They were looking to create a t-shirt design that incorporated caricatures of their members as well as their slogan for an upcoming campaign.

Onboarding and Research

In the initial phase, the client provided images of the members they wanted depicted. They walked us through each team member and the tools related to their roles so they would be illustrated with accurate details. It was important that members see themselves in each character. We received their style guide for the right brand representation and discussed other uses for the design beyond the initial t-shirt, like banners and flyers, so that we could provide all the proper final materials for versatile applications.

Brainstorm and Sketching

During the brainstorm and sketching phase we focused on experimenting with different textures, expression lines, patterns and shapes to pinpoint the caricature style that the client would most want for their design. This was an opportunity to experiment with styles that might go well with their message and get feedback to see what was resonating with their vision. We presented various options and received feedback heading into the final design phase.

Final Design Phase

During this stage, we consolidated all feedback to refine the design's final details. We incorporated the client's most exciting and goal-aligned characteristics. The final design assets were provided in diverse file formats for future use across various applications.

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